Sales & Business Development Prtnr

Prtnr Overview

  • Sales & Business Development Partner.
  • Unlock the hidden value of your personal network and monetize your 1st and 2nd-degree connections.
  • Find the most effective and efficient pathways to target individuals by harnessing the collective value of all of the company’s stakeholders; including employees, Board members, execs, advisors, and investors.
  • Whether the objective is driving revenue, recruiting employees, developing partnerships, or raising capital,FlowEngine helps you identify the shortest path and key actions required to engage your target audience.
  • The best part is that you connect to the target prospects through warm introductions from their own trusted network. 
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Core Services

  • Investor Analysis for Raising Capital 
  • Recruiting Analysis for Finding Key Employees
  • Prospect Analysis for Finding Sales Opportunities
  • Strategic Partnerships Analysis for BisDev
  • Fully White-Gloved Managed Service
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Säfik Advantage

Leverage Your Network to Accelerate Your Company’s Growth – Unlock the hidden value of your network and monetize important connections:


  • Identify and get introduced to potential investors

  • Develop a target account list and find the most effective and efficient pathways to those individuals

  • Utilize your network, and those of key stakeholders, to get warm introductions to target prospects

  • Identify, build, and leverage relationships with strategic partners

  • Utilize predictive AI to determine if your network can support a new product or service you are looking to bring to market