Rick Stemm

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Rick is a writer, game designer, instructional designer, and community leader, working to define the future of his creative fields through my work, and the future of his city through community engagement.

Rick has over ten years of instructional design experience, having founded Epic’s e-learning team and continued to help the nation’s largest hospitals independently and through award-winning consulting firms. 

Through Heroic Games, he designs and produces video games and multimedia projects, such as Heroes Must Die (available on Steam) and Word Salsa (wordsalsa.com) for the San Antonio TriCentennial.

Rick is a prolific writer, creating theatrical shows, video games, novellas, and short stories, and often combining them in transmedia stories.

Through the Greater Gaming Society, IGDA, and Dramatists Guild, he connects to various art and business organizations in the city, to help develop working artists and make connections between creative, technical, and business fields. Rick is an active community connector working to make San Antonio the best city it can be. He organizes independent game developers in San Antonio to grow the community.

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Core Skills & Experience

  • Game Designer
  • E-Learning Program Developer
  • Community Leader
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Säfik Advantage

  • SaaS Start Up Expertise
  • Proprietary Tools Designed for SaaS Companies
  • Making Finance Strategic Rather Than Retrospective
  • Big Five Finance Firm Experience at an Affordable Cost
  • Make Critical Decisions Based on Accurate Financial & Operational Data