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You didn’t have to answer to investors in order to grow your new venture’s value?

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You could focus more time on building products & services that your customers love?

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You had a partner who could help ensure you avoid the pitfalls most new ventures encounter?

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You could shift your business paradigm from a focus on fundraising to organic revenue growth?

Säfik Advsrs

Your partner for minimizing reliance on outside investment and maximizing your value to your customers.

Six Success Components Critical to All Startups

The Six Components Critical to New Venture Success

Based on experience working with dozens of start up ventures, we have identified six components on which a new venture’s success hinges. Those startups that have a solid foundation in each of these areas are far more likely to experience accelerated growth and succeed in the long-term.

Consider these components the “building blocks” of every new venture. Our advsrs and partnrs have been selected to support one (or more) of these components, providing new ventures with the expertise, products, or services that support a stable foundation for growth. And, for those startups seeking some extra support, the Säfik Advsrs managing partners offer their extensive expertise in the form of custom-tailored advisory services.

Säfik’s Six Components of Startup Success


 Build a corporate culture that drives innovation & loyalty through a talent acquisition strategy that is focused on targeted recruitment and recruitment & reward of top talent.


Deliver products that make your customers your evangelists.

Brand & Marketing

Cultivate a brand that best positions your products & services to be market leaders.

Sales & Business Development

Ensure your sales engine is tuned to maximize pipeline growth and customer acquistion & retention.


Streamline operations to reduce cost, improve efficiency and align to your growth goals.

Professional Services

Build a professional services organization that increases your bottom line and ensures customer loyalty.

The Säfik Startup Syndicate

Accelerating start up growth by connecting experienced start up Advsrs and Prtnrs and providing expert start up advisory services.

New ventures are faced with the challenge of needing the knowledge and skills to bring their products and services to market, but not having the time or financial resources to scale their full-time team with top talent.

Säfik Advsrs and its Start Up Syndicate is the platform to accelerate the successful launch and growth of new technology ventures. Our carefully vetted and curated team of individual Advsrs and Prtnr companies provide you with the expertise and services you need to grow at a fraction of the cost of direct hires or traditional consulting firms.


Utilize your expertise to help new ventures achieve their growth objectives. Establish an additional channel to accelerate your personal income, expand your network, and strengthen your start up expertise.


Accelerate the growth of your pipeline by getting access to new customers without additional sales or marketing overhead. Expand your network of complimentary (not competitive!) product & services companies.


Even if you’re not interested in having your start up join the Syndicate, you can sign on as a client and leverage our advisors’ expertise as well as the products & services of our partners.

Leverage the Power of the Syndicate to Avoid Common Start Up Pitfalls

Want to Accelerate Your Success?

75% of venture-backed start ups fail. Don't want to be part of this majority? Partner with Säfik Advsrs and receive the guidance and support you need to be a part of the 25% of startups that succeed.

Learn more about how Säfik Advsrs can help you avoid these top reasons for new venture failure.

No Market for Product

Säfik Advsrs brings the insights necessary to ensure your products align to your market's core drivers, getting you the attention of your target buyers.

Lack of User Enthusiasm

By introducing a professional services offering to your products, Säfik Advsrs creates a customer experience that converts people who use your product into supporters who will promote it for you.

Run Out of Funds

Säfik Advsrs supports the creation of added revenue streams via the creation of complimentary professional service offerings, while streamlining operations to reduce costs.

Lack of Business Model

Säfik Advsrs’ knows how to build effective and sustainable businesses that stem from a strong business model. Their advisory services will help you create a clear vision and mission, execute upon a precise strategy, and plan for success.

Out Competed

Säfik Advsrs knows what it takes to successfully excel in exceptionally competitive markets, and how to fine-tune your business development approach to attract potential customer’s attention.

Lack of Right Team

Säfik Advsrs’ experience building high-functioning teams will support your efforts to build and foster a culture that values innovation and loyalty. They know what it takes to recruit, reward and retain top talent.

Startups, Accelerated.

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